VR God Simulator


Theosus was made during a weekend game jam, in Unity. It’s a VR god simulator where you defend cities from invasions (Or help the invaders? You decide!). All this, while enjoying a greek soundtrack!

I really enjoyed this game jam, and I learned a lot! I got to work with great people that I hadn’t worked with before and I got the chance to learn how to work with VR!

Project Details

  • 1 weekend
  • 6 people (4 programmers, 1 artists, 1 level designers)
  • Created with Unity
  • C#

My Contributions

Since it was a game jam I did a lot of small stuff all over the place. Though primarily, I worked on a lot of the gameplay features, for example, the catapults and exploding pigs. I also worked on explaining the mechanics to the player. 



  • Ylva Werner

  • Simon Skogsrydh

  • Nicolas Gustafsson

  • Oliver Andersen


  • Camilla Spånberg

Level Designer

  • William Falck