The Last Android

2D Adventure Hack 'n Slash


Everyone believes the world we once had is long gone… except for one last android, driven by the hope of restoring what has been lost. Explore the world and the remnants of old civilizations, use your sword and your dash ability against dangerous robots to save the world.

Project Details

  • 8 weeks, half time
  • 10 people (5 programmers, 3 artists, 2 level designers)
  • Created with our school's in house engine
  • C++

My Contributions

Player Movement

  • Handling input and kinematically moving the player in the input direction.

Dash (Shared Responsibility)

  • Teleporting the player forward if not colliding with a wall.


  • Increases stats permanently or temporary depending on what power up it is.

Level Loading from Tiled

  • Loaded levels from JSON files exported from Tiled level editor.

Opening doors when triggering all connected orbs

  • Keeping count on how many more orbs has to be triggered.
  • Playing an open animation and removing collider


  • Knockback when damaged
  • Particles
    • Designed behavior
    • Spawning at different places (for example enemies when damaged)

Enemy AI (Shared Responsibility)

  • Idle until the player is in range.
  • Move towards player until inside attack range.
  • Attack either by shooting a projectile (ranged) or deal damage in an area in front of the enemy (melee).

Killing The Player When Colliding With Water

  • Stopping player input on collision, playing death animation and then respawn.

Collision (Shared Responsibility)

  • Tested collision between points around objects and the tilemap.