Euclid’s Elements

Turn Based Role Playing Game with Mathematical Combat

Project Details

  • ~300 hours logged time
  • Unity3D
  • C#


Euclid’s Elements is a fantasy RPG based on math. The game has the usual RPG elements that people enjoy but they are built around a core of getting better at math. During each turn of the combat, the player chooses an arithmetical operation and a degree of difficulty. The player will then be given a math problem that they will have to solve before their turn is over. The more difficult the problem, the more damage the player will deal to their opponent. If they don’t answer in time or give the wrong answer, they miss their attack.

I spent roughly 300 hours developing Euclid’s Elements as the examination project of my upper secondary education. I mostly focused on the programming, except for making a few animations/assets. All other assets, such as the buildings and enemy characters, are free to use assets from the web and Unity Asset Store. My goal with the project was to try to make an alternative and fun way to teach math to kids.