Collection of Mobile Games


The ship orbits around planets and when the player touches the screen it flies off in its current direction. The goal of the game is using this mechanic to orbit all planets and reach the hangar to complete the level. Orbiting all around a planet awards the player with a star.


Based on the pen and paper game Dots and Boxes. Take turns with friends to place out a horizontal or vertical line between two unjoint adjacent dots. When placing a line that forms a box, a point is awarded to that player. The game continues until all boxes are formed and the winner is the one with the most points.

Mix It

Released 2015

Not available on the App Store anymore

Mix It is a game where you learn how to mix colors while having fun. You start off on a platform with a color and your goal is to reach the next platform with a new color. To do that you are presented with 3 choices, 3 pipes, with different colors. You must choose the pipe with the color that will mix with your color and become the destination color.
Just simply do this to succeed:
Your Color + Pipe Color = Destination Color!

Save the Bread

Developed 2012 – Released 2014

Not available on the App Store anymore

Use the dish soap to shoot the ducks and save your bread!

You are on your way back home from the grocery store. You have just bought your favorite bread, the bread that you love more than anything in the whole world. On your way back home you walk alongside the river. You trip and drop your bread into the water. You think it’s no big deal, you just have to go down to the water and pick up your bread. But then you see the ducks closing in on your bread..

You look in your bag for what else you bought, you find your dish soap. With the use of your dish soap, you have to stop the ducks and save your bread!