Oliver Andersen

Game Programmer

Spotlight Games

First Person Shooter

September 2018 – December 2019

Joined DICE and the project a few months before release. At  first I worked in the Gameplay Engineer team to finish and ship the game and then I spent a year working with its live service to improve features, fix bugs and add new exciting things to our players.

First Person Precision Shooter

Finished April 2018

Overcome cutting-edge robots using your experimental pinpoint accurate railgun to escape from a research facility!

Time Controlling Top-Down Shooter

Finished February 2018

A top-down shooter where you play as Justine Time and wield the power to control time within desired areas. Combo that with a wall of bullets and you get wonderful results!

3D Space Racer

Finished November 2017

A fast-paced racer with six degrees of freedom. The player enters an underground racing competition in order to pay back a debt. In order to win, the player must finish three dangerous tracks.

Specialization Project

Finished March 2018

I spent 7 weeks recreating a game feature that I love, the grappling hook from the Just Cause Series. I chose to work in Unreal Engine so that I could be totally focused on the gameplay feeling.

Game Jam

November 2016

A weekend game jam held by Coffee Stain Studios and Stunlock Studios.

Other Projects

Inventory & Equipment

RPG in Unity

For the examination project of my upper secondary education, I chose to create an RPG in Unity with the goal to teach math to kids in an alternative way.

Orbit (5)

Mobile Games

I've created multiple small mobile games and released two of them on the App Store and Google Play.

Space-Station (1)

Sci-Fi 3D Scene in Blender

During my second year at my upper secondary education, I created a Sci-Fi command bridge using Blender and Photoshop.